MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House

Make new traditions

Make new traditions

Not a big fan of herring and schnapps either? Christmas Lunch is what you make it – and at MASH we strive to make your Christmas Lunch a success.

It’s not everybody who’s looking forward to herring by the pound and an implied pressure to drink as much schnapps as possible. At MASH we regard the Christmas Lunch as an opportunity to enjoy good food in good company – and with good food, we mean world class steaks, of course.

Invite your family or friends to MASH for Christmas Lunch. Forget trips to the butcher, standing in line at the supermarket or piles of dirty dishes. At MASH you can enjoy tender steaks, delicious starters and achieve your level of Christmas Lunch drunk with our expansive wine list and ambitious bar. 

The desserts are in order as well, of course, and don’t worry, you can also have ris a la mande – we’re not complete blasphemics!

Sold on the idea? Book a table for your Christmas Lunch at one of our 11 MASH restaurants. We’re ready to make your Christmas Lunch an experience you’ll want to repeat year after year – traditions have to start somewhere.  

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The MASH menu will change soon

Are you ready to sink your teeth into new starters and dig your spoon into new desserts? Book a table for October 7th when our menu will change on all Danish MASH restaurants.

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