Enjoy the shellfish platter at MASH Rungsted

This Summer we’re again serving our grand shellfish platter at MASH Rungsted Havn.

Sink your teeth into an ocean of oysters, shrimp, lobster and crab with sides – preferably with a cold glass of white wine and a seat in the sun, of course.

We’re serving the shellfish platter from June 22nd until August 26th 2023 at MASH Rungsted Havn – every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for both lunch and dinner.

Book your shellfish platter now!

The shellfish platter has to be booked in advance for a minimum of 2 people to ensure enough fruits de mer for everyone.

The shellfish platter contains:

4 Les Parcs de L’impératrice oysters with red wine vinaigrette
Sea boiled shrimp – approx. 250 gram
2 ½ Canadian lobsters
Boiled Snow Crab – approx. 300 gram
Herbal cooked Swedish langoustines – approx. 400 gram
4 fried Argentinian Gambas shrimp placed in chili and lemon
2 Irish au gratin scallops with herb butter and panko

All of this is served with grilled MASH bread, butter, chili mayo, lime mayo, garlic dip and grilled lemon!

You can add 30 grams of Gastro Unika Royal Belgian GOLD Caviar with blinis, red onions and creme fraiche for kr. 450,-

If you’re going all out, you can instead pick our 125 gram Gastro Unika Caviar Elegance BAERII Imperial Caviar with blinis, red onions and creme fraiche for kr. 1675,-

Dive in for 1.498,- kr. ex. ticket fee for two people.

Book now!

See you on the harbour.

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