Winter delights on the menu

The menu is changing once again at MASH. As always, we say 'hello' to new creations and keep the most beloved MASH classics.

Among the new additions you’ll find a Saffron Risotto, a Sweet Potato Gnocchi and a decadent fisherman’s serving; Cod Loins with Miso Butter, spring onions and lemon. Favouring a classic? – No need to worry, you can still find MASH Tartare, Linguine with Tiger Prawns, Creamy Spinach and many of the other beloved MASH dishes on the menu.

The bar is also bursting with new mouth-watering cocktails that set the bar for an ambient evening. Have a seat in front of the bartender for a moment before you head to the table. For example, try the fruity ‘Crispy berry bliss’ or the magical ‘Goblet of Fire’.

Get tempted here

We look forward to welcoming you to our cosy sofas.

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