Four rosé wines you should drink this Summer

Summer has arrived and as always many Danes enjoy chilled rosé in ample amounts as soon as the opportunity arises. Unfortunately not many people know what characterises a good rosé. Jess Kildetoft, Master Sommelier and Wine Director at MASH has made this guide to four rosé wines you should taste this Summer. 

Danes love rosé. Especially as soon as Summer arrives. The chilled wine is perfect for warm Summer days, which is also why it’s one of the favourites to share with guests and enjoy during a barbeque. There is a tendency to choose the cheapest option when purchasing rosé, which means, according to Master Sommelier Jess Kildetoft, that we often miss out on other rosé wines which might challenge and offer a completely different experience than what we’re used to.

– The rosé has much more to offer than just being sweet and easy to drink, says Jess Kildetoft, Master Sommelier and Wine Director at MASH. He continues:

– If more people thought of rosé as a serious wine, like red and white wines, more restaurants would probably serve rosé of a better quality. Because they exist, and if you know what to go for there is a whole other experience hidden in these wines than what we know from the rosé wines we so easily pull of the shelves at the super market. 

MASH has with their 11 restaurants across England, Germany and Denmark one of the most expansive selections of American wines in Europe, and furthermore MASH generally has great depth in their classic wine regions.

This Summers guide to rosé according to MASH Wine Director, Jess Kildetoft:
Wine Director Jess Kildetoft here guides you through fur rosé wines from four different regions, which are worth paying attention to next time you’re looking to find the perfect rosé for guests or just to enjoy a nice glass on the balcony or in the garden.

2016 Miraval, Provence
Chateau Miraval is located in Correns in the central Provence between Marseille and Nice about 80 kilometers from the coast. The grapes comes from their best parcels and is a mix of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and the local Rolle – all planted coolly 350 meters above sea level, which along with the cool winds from the sea gives Miraval it’s fine and elegant style with notes of raspberry, strawberry, rose pedals and lilies. 

Miraval is perfect for grilled fish, shellfish and light meat dishes.  

2017 Domaine Vacheron, Loire
In the most inner part of the Loire valley you find Sancerre, who grows 100% Pinot Noir from their Domaine Vacheron vineyards. The grapes are grown using biodynamic principles in fint rich soil by one of the most respected wine makers in the region. The wine is very precise with fresh acidity and notes of dried strawberries, forrest berries, white peach and smokey undertones.

Drink Domaine Vacheron with light starters like salads, oysters, grilled fish and goat cheese au gratin. 

2017 Mouton Noir Love Drunk, Oregon
Mouton Noir Love Drunk is made on a classic blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the cool Willamette valley in Oregon. The flavour is reminiscent of rosé champagne without the bobbles, but with notes of wild red berries, citrus, white flower and fresh acidity which makes the wine good with food.

Mouton Noir Love Drunk is a good match with fatty fish dishes, grilled poultry, along with salads and the treasures of Danish gardens. 

2017 Prieuré de Montézargues, Tavel, Rhone
Vinen Prieuré de Montézargues comes from Tavel in the southern part of the Rhône valley and stands out by only producing rosé wine. Here the focus is on Grenache, along with other special local grapes, which combined with the warm Mediterranean climate gives the rosé a tighter and more mature fruit, which is excellent with food.  

Prieuré de Montézargues should be enjoyed with grilled poultry, fish and shellfish and fresh cheese.

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